New Journal!

I haven't posted anything in awhile but since last time I updated, I got dumped, got a new boyfriend and have a lot of stuff I need to get off my chest. So if you're friends with me on here or feel like being nosy, go ahead and add my new account
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It's about that time again

It's time for my once a year livejournal update. I hate neglecting this journal but I post all my thoughts on my main blog pretty much. Oh well. Just wanted to pop in and say I'm still alive. 2008 kicked my ass.

Friends Only

This time around I want to keep my journal more private so because of that reason, it's now 100% friends only.  If you'd like to add me, please leave a comment stating who you are (or something about yourself) and where you found my journal (because I'm nosy like that).

What can be expected from this LJ?
-Personal entries about my life
and much more.
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